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Background checks are often done to ensure the security of your firm as a whole! A bad hire can damage the whole positive reputation of your company.

However, the background check process is quite lengthy and may consume a lot of your time if done manually. There are high chances of encountering errors and missing out on crucial information as well.

Hence, Screenaze comes as a saviour!

Screenaze a leading employee background verification & Screening company in India, is your complete background check solution!  Whether it is about identity verification, education verification or any other kind of background verification, we do everything in system and integration.

We are a perfect blend of professionals and technology to fulfil businesses background verification needs!

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Identity Verification

Ensure you are hiring the correct person with identity verification in Delhi, India! Identify verification process revolves around verifying the identity proofs submitted by the candidate at the time of the interview. This includes ensuring that the candidate has submitted the right Pan card, adhaar card or voter’s ID.

Employment Verification

Get all the details about the past employment history of the candidate! Get insights into the past employment history of a candidate. If a candidate is switching to another job, it becomes important for the new employer to understand the major reason behind the switch. Therefore, employers carry out employment checks.

Address Verification

Prevent Your Company From Loses With Address Verification! To ensure that the chosen candidate is a legal citizen of the country or the state they have addressed to, address verification is done. This needs to be done properly to avoid any misfortunes in the future.

Police Record Check

The other name for a background check is a police record check! Generally, when it comes to a background check, most people think about checking criminal records only. Well, this is not the case with a police record. It focuses on all the other documentation as well including municipal, provincial and more.

Education Verification

Do not let the fake degrees fool you! Do not let people who fake their degrees get placed in your firm. With Screenaze’s education verification check, you can check the qualification details including enrollment number and degree obtained for a potential candidate.

Court Record Check

Do not let the fake degrees fool you! Checking the criminal records of a candidate must not be missed! With court record checks, you can check if there is any past criminal record available against the candidate that you are hiring. It is important for a firm to hire a candidate with no criminal records to keep up the positive attitude and reputation.

Reach out to Screenaze and tell us about your employee background screening needs. Based on your requirements, our team will choose and design specific screening solutions for your firm.

Explore all the screening options available for your business and choose the one that you think is fit for your business!

Checks We Do

Do not let a bad hiring decision toxicate the environment of your firm!

Why Choose Us?

For real-time, fast and accurate background checks in India, choose Screenaze!

Interactive Dashboard

Monitor and analyse the status of background checks in process and the ones which are completed on the Screenaze. This real-time tracking can help you monitor and plan your hiring process in the right way.

API Integration

Screenaze can easily integrate into your existing HRMS and ATS through API which makes the entire process of hiring, background screening and onboarding your employees a lot more smoother, secure and faster.

No Hidden Costs

Choose the features you want and pay for those features only. You can choose the checks according to your budget and the requirements of your system and pay only for the checked features.

Secured Data

Keeping your data safe and secure is our first priority. After implementing all the encryption layers and security features, we ensure to keep your data in the cloud and keep it safe.

Decreased Turnaround Time

The team of professionals employ advanced technologies to achieve the desired outputs and decrease the turnaround time of each background check.

What goes behind hiring a bad candidate?

Well, the answer is negligence and pitfall in the verification process!

Save your firm from any bad hires by screening the candidates in the right way!

Screenaze’s team of professionals allows you to opt for multiple checks and screen candidates more strictly before hiring!

Contact us to get ultimate and easy solutions to experience hassle-free hiring!


Frequently Asked Questions

Background screening is the process of gathering and analysing information related to the potential employee of the company. Performing a background screening is important to avoid bad hires and choose the right and trusted candidates for the firm.

At the time of background check, generally, a firm chooses to check your criminal records, past police records and work records. These records are important to be analysed before hiring a candidate to ensure that you are hiring a reliable candidate for your firm. Sometimes, firms may also choose to go for rigorous checking and check additional aspects like education and court records check.

Screenaze is a complete background screening service Company in India  which allows you to automate and streamline the whole process of a background check. It allows you to integrate APIs for real-time tracking of the process and a simple and innovative dashboard to manage processes.

Background checks are important for every employer to ensure that the candidate that they are choosing is right for the job. It helps the employer to know about the integrity of the employee and check if they are the perfect fit for the job.

Ensuring that the potential employees are right for the job is an important part of the whole process. This is generally done with the help of background checks. However, performing all the background checks by yourself leaves a chance of error and you may also miss out on some crucial information. Therefore, you can easily manage this process via Screenaze. With multiple screenings, it ensures that the employee you have picked is the right one.

To contact the team of Screenaze, you can either fill out the contact form or call us at the provided contact details. The team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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